Self-Care Tips: Won’t Cost You Nothing

Most of you already know that I have a passion for health, wellness, and beauty. In fact, you probably have read in my previous Facebook or blog posts that wellness is beauty. I have made a commitment to learn how to help other people—friends, family, and community members—to achieve their health and wellness potential. Therefore,Continue reading “Self-Care Tips: Won’t Cost You Nothing”

21 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Freshen and Clean

You are going to love using essential oils around your home to freshen and clean. If you are in the process of spring cleaning, these essential oil tips will be very helpful. Try these unique ways Nature’s Sunshine Products suggest you can use essential oils to freshen up your life! Visit my NSP website to purchase 100% pure essential oilsContinue reading “21 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Freshen and Clean”

What’s Up? Media Presents The LOOK 4th Annual Beauty & Wellness Event

On Friday, February 24, I attended What’s Up? Media’s The LOOK 4th Annual Beauty & Wellness Event.  I do declare, I have never seen so many beauty and wellness vendors in one location.  There were 40 or more beauty and wellness vendors, and many renown beauty industry experts who define beauty and wellness trends were available. WomenContinue reading “What’s Up? Media Presents The LOOK 4th Annual Beauty & Wellness Event”

5 Things Deteriorating Your Health

As you grow older you may notice that you pay more attention to your body because it is changing and requires maintenance. You will notice that your body cannot take as much punishment and neglect as it used to. If you really think about it, you probably picked up a lot of bad habits when you wereContinue reading “5 Things Deteriorating Your Health”

I Am Still Thirsty…

Did you know that developing just a simple healthy habit of drinking water will energize your body and mind? Sometimes you can become so caught up with life and stuff, that you do not see what is right in front of you. I want to help you to refocus and gain clarity. I wish IContinue reading “I Am Still Thirsty…”