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Versatile Blogger Award

I would like to thank Ms. Antionette Blake aka DelBlogger for nominating Got2bGina for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I am honored to be nominated and humbly accept the award.  Got2bGina has been sharing information about beauty, wellness and health since November of this year.  Blogging about beauty, wellness and health is truly a rewarding experiencehelping others and doing what I have come to love so much.  I have been blessed to become acquainted with some very interesting followers as well as creative bloggers whom inspire me.  Thank you for reading and following Got2bGina.

The rules in accepting this nomination are as follows:

  • Thank the person(s) who gave you the nomination.
  • Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  • Tell the person(s) who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

The Versatile Blogger Award is meant for people whose blogs have a good quality of writing, cover unique topics and reflect their commitment and passion.

I nominate the below 10 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Clutter-Free Lifestyle Solutions – Dottie Komara
2. HELLI PATEL – Helli Patel
3. simple Ula – Simple Ula
4. this Italian family – Rachel Vendetti
5. AshleyHER – Ashley Herrera
6. Monochrome Reaper – Mel Joy
7. Shine Sunshine – Derlyn Lopez
8. Joezette’s Journey – Joezette Joseph
9. Missy’s Views and Savings Clues – Erika aka “Missy”
10. Simply Fae – Fae

Below are seven things about me:
1. I am the mother of my 28-year-old daughter
2. A woman of faith who trust and believe in the Lord
3. Blogger and creator of Got2bGina
4. Born and raised in Delaware
5. A professional technical editor
6. A distributor of Natures Sunshine Products
7. Served a 2-year term on the board of the American Copy Editors Society

Networking on the Water…


I never knew that working could be so much fun…  What a great Waterfront Networking event hosted by the Public Relations Society of America, Central Chesapeake Chapter at the Maritime Museum in Annapolis, MD—perfect place no doubt.  Who does not want to be learning and networking on the water?

200609_172593319459348_1649927_nThe true highlight of this event was being under the professional tutelage of the famous YouTube video creator, Jon BarnesJon Barnes is the Director of Communications of ADG Creative in Columbia, MD.   He has created 250 videos with nearly 7 million views from a global audience to attain a robust personal YouTube brand.  Jon has created a booming community around his core subject matter (cars, art, how-to’s, weird stuff: See  Jon shared his “studio-in-a-bag” kit with the network event attendees, showing exactly how he creates content on the go, demonstrating interactive elements that influential YouTube users employ to garner views and engagement, including titling, tagging, naming, using cards and annotations, vlogging, monetization of best practices, partner collaboration, and analytics.  Jon is awesome with his studio-in-a-bag.

I also truly grasped the H2H (human-to-human) marketing concept.  The world-wide web and Facebook are no longer that untouchable air space.  I met, in person, Jenna Soneira, a Facebook friend, a blogger, and the president of INTEGR8 Marketing.  I cannot wait until the next social media networking event.