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The LOOK 5th Annual Beauty & Wellness Event

It’s All About The LOOKtheLOOK-WhatsUp

The LOOK 5th Annual Beauty & Wellness event hosted by the Sandel Duggal Med Spa and What’s Up Media was spectacular. The LOOK continues to bring its followers the best beauty and wellness information available in the area. So much is going on from the time you arrive until the time you leave: the doors opened at 6:00 PM and closed at 9:00 PM. The LOOK Fashion Show started at 6:30 PM, with fashions by Coterie; a Boutique; a medical seminar followed, discussing non-invasive facial rejuvenation such as cosmetic injections and micro needling; another medical seminar, discussing questions women should (but might be embarrassed to) ask their doctor; and there was a seminar by Annapolis Plastic Surgery about advanced laser skin rejuvenation.


Friends With Benefits

It does not get any better than seeing familiar faces when you visit a venue, does it? I was so happy to see my friend and owner of Just Browzing set up and doing her thing. If you have not visited the Just Browzing Wax Bar & Beauty Boutique in Crofton, MD, go treat yourself. Also, check out an article I published about Just Browzing.


Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa gave attendees a 20-percent-off coupon that is good for any of its services. This would be a good service to make up for what that fast-massage service is not doing. When you pay for a service to take care of yourself and heal your body of its many aches and pains you want good service. So, I will be visiting the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa.


Latest Wellness Trend

HYDRAFUSE will probably be the toughest health spa in the area to book an appointment with. This is the latest and greatest wellness trend.  I cannot wait to schedule an appointment to visit HYDRAFUSE. It is Maryland’s only health and wellness infusion spa, offering IV hydration therapy, Botox, oxygen therapy, wellness plans and more. HYDRAFUSE gave free B12 injections throughout the entire evening. What a treat! I certainly needed the B12-shot to increase my energy to cover the wealth of information presented at What’s Up? Media’s The LOOK event.


ProMD Health, thank you! Have you ever had the feeling of something good was about to happen? Well, I have that feeling every day—and it did. I did not think the evening could get any better until I won ProMD Health’s door prize. Talk about SET IT OFF! Just before having my caricature drawn, the Dana V, the Master of Ceremony (i.e., DJ) called my name as the winner of Pro MD Health door prize—this gift basket is loaded with OBAGI medical skin care products. I love it!



I mentioned Dana V in an earlier post. She drew the caricature of me. She is a great commercial artist. I do not believe it took her 10 minutes to draw the portrait-like caricature.


Also, I had a delicious miniature cupcake made by Blue Crab Cupcakes. All I can say is… OMG, a super moist and flavorful cupcake. Every cupcake has a delicious filling. Mine was filled with love.


Another spectacular wellness and beauty event hosted by the Sandel Duggal Med Spa and What’s Up? Media. I was late arriving to the event this year. Traffic in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area is not my friend, and the rain and foggy weather played its part. Nevertheless, I am so glad that I persevered and made it. Not as many vendors participated this year compared to last year, but the best of the best showcased their expertise and products.

What’s Up? Media Presents The LOOK 4th Annual Beauty & Wellness Event

On Friday, February 24, I attended What’s Up? Media’s The LOOK 4th Annual Beauty & Wellness Event.  I do declare, I have never seen so many beauty and wellness vendors in one location.  There were 40 or more beauty and wellness vendors, and many renown beauty industry experts who define beauty and wellness trends were available.

Women could talk with experts about their personal wellness and image concerns, receive free eyebrow waxing (Just Browzing was in the house), get add-on hair extensions, receive a professional massage, and recreate their look with some of the best cosmetic products on the market.img_20170224_193143_9425525

From my arrival ‘til end of the event, champagne and amazingly delicious hors d’oeuvres were served.  This event was fabulous!  The LOOK, presented by The Sandel Duggal Med Spa, Annapolis’ Premiere Medical Spa and Center for Plastic Surgery was a “must attend” event of 2017.  It was the perfect girls’ night out.  I love, love, love The LOOK Fashion Show presented by Scout & Molly, Peach, and Coterie, a Boutique; hair and makeup by David Alexander Salon and Spa.  The models walked some of the hottest spring and summer styles and fashions.  The models were beautiful and excited to deliver—you could tell they were having fun—so much so that they made me want to walk the runway.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend this great event, you will understand my excitement.  I had so much fun!

Professional speakers and medical experts such as Claire S. Duggal, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Reconstructive Specialist; James Chappel, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Bryan Ambro, MD, MS Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Annapolis Plastic Surgery; and Dr. Walton of the Women’s Center for Pelvic Health, all shared valuable information on topics important to women.  They talked about cosmetic breast surgery myths versus reality, advanced laser skin rejuvenation, surgical and non-invasive options for body contouring, and questions women should ask their doctor but are embarrassed.  Valuable information was shared by these professionals to educate the guests and to let them know that there were experts that they could turn to with their wellness and beauty concerns.

Although there were 40 or more vendors I visited the vendors listed below, as I have a social butterfly nature.  I also won two dynamic prizes and received some great gifts, coupons and first visit offers:

img_20170224_193143_9425525Trust me, this was a fantastic wellness and beauty event and it provided great information.  If you ever have the chance to attend a What’s Up? Magazine Media’s The LOOK Beauty & Wellness Event–please seize the opportunity.  In addition, you might want to start reading the What’s Up? Magazine because it informs you of the most popular events in the Annapolis, Eastern Shore, and West County locations.


ULTA BEAUTY Says It Best… Joy to the Girl!


ULTA Beauty brings joy to this girl. I enjoyed my hair experience at ULTA Beauty. It is always a pleasure to visit a hair salon where the hair styling and beauty services you receive are impeccable. The ULTA Beauty salon located at the Laurel Towne Center in Laurel, MD is my favorite ULTA salon.

The hairstylists manager certainly is at the top of her game, as she has outstanding hair styling skills; excellent time management skills to get you in and out with very little wait time; knowledgeable of hair trends; and excellent customer service.  The stylists are very knowledgeable of the perfect products and styling tools to use on my hair type. They are concerned about the health of my hair, and desire to ensure my hairstyles will last after I leave ULTA Beauty.

The atmosphere at ULTA Beauty is pleasant and relaxing. And, ULTA Beauty stocks every beauty product you could imagine. I highly recommend ULTA Beauty located at the Laurel Towne Center in Laurel, MD. If you cannot visit ULTA Beauty at the Laurel Towne Center, then you should consider getting some super-hot deals on ULTA’s website, as it is Cyber Monday. Visit ULTA Beauty Online: