Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Wellness in Celebrating Yourself

Is it okay to pat yourself on your back?  Why certainly you should celebrate yourself and every accomplishment.  Each accomplishment is a reinforcement to achieve your next goal.  You see, it is healthy to celebrate yourself along with your accomplishments.  It is healthy and contributes to your overall well-being.  When you set goals and take the necessary steps to reach them those goals become a part of you achieving wellness.  Big or small, it does not matter the size of your accomplishment—celebrate them all.  You went through the emotional and possibly physical pains while you were working toward your goal.  Your rewards are your achievement and the wellness that comes along after attaining your goal.  Now, you can inhale and exhale—breathe.  Take a small break before you move on to your next goal.

Achievement and Wellness Connect

Most of us do not realize the connection between achievement and wellness.  You probably gave up sleep and quality time with your friends and family.  Not to mention that it interrupted your workout schedule.  So, go ahead and pat yourself on the back for making it through another semester of undergraduate studies; buying your first new car; moving into your first apartment to live on your own, or buying your first new home.  It was not easy, but you did it—a lot of sacrificing, perseverance, courage, and strength—you believed in yourself.

Celebrate yourself and your accomplishments!  Be proud of yourself for attaining your goal.  And, because you met your goal, you are that much closer to reaching other goals and your dreams.  It does not matter how you celebrate—just so long as you do something.  Also, share your successes with others.  It is important that you allow others to share in celebrating you and recognizing your achievements, as those close to you probably made sacrifices as well.

Tips to Celebrating Your Successes


Breathe.  Inhale and exhale the fact that you achieved what you set out to do.  It would be a big mistake to dismiss celebrating your smallest accomplishment.  Always celebrate and take a break before working toward your new goal.



Share Your Successes.  Allow your friends and family to share in your successes and celebrate with you.  There is nothing like sharing with someone who support you and is on your side.

Do Something You Enjoy.  Go visit family or friends you have not been able to spend much time with.  Visit the spa for a deep tissue massage or get a manicure and pedicure. Take a long bath using minerals or Epsom salt.  Watch your favorite TV show or movie.

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