Celebrating National Nutrition Month—March 2018

March Is National Nutrition Month


Nutrition has become one of the most discussed and important subjects because more people are committing to healthier lives. Nutrition became a month-long celebration in 1980. And, the first National Nutrition Week was in 1973. Nutrition first became very popular for registered dietitian nutritionists, health educators and coaches. Now, wellness and health influencers are sharing the latest and greatest nutrition trends with their communities and worldwide via social media.

As a wellness and health blogger, I share credible information to help my followers to eat clean and smart. I like helping people enjoy healthier lives because of the nutrition advice I share. If I can help you to make a better nutrition choice today I will aid in your longevity and healthier lifestyle tomorrow.


Throughout the month, I will encourage you to include a variety of healthful foods from all the food groups in daily meals and snacks; shop local whenever possible; be mindful of portion sizes; eat slowly; and use good food-safety practices. In terms of exercise, it is recommended that you find enjoyable activities that will encourage physical activity—get an exercise partner—and work toward the goal of 150 plus minutes of weekly activity.

National Nutrition Month ThemeGraphic_NNM18_GoFurther_FINAL

“Go Further with Food” is the theme for 2018, and its importance is timely for many reasons. Whether it’s starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast or fueling before an athletic event, the foods you choose can make a difference. Preparing foods to go further at home and within the community can have a positive impact, as well. As nutrition experts, Academy members can help people adopt healthier eating styles, while reducing food loss and waste.

Be sure to visit the National Nutrition Month® website during the upcoming months for new and updated resources to help make the National Nutrition Month 2018 celebration an infinite success!

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