Do You Have a Gym Membership?

Health and Fitness Decision

I have been contemplating whether to purchase a gym membership to help me reach my health and fitness goals.  Since the East Coast has been experiencing chilling, bitterly cold temperatures, my long walks have not been so enjoyable.  During the warm weather seasons, walking became a part of my daily routine.  It was nothing for me to hit the pavement when I arrived home from work.  I acted just like a kid going outside to play with friends—I could barely wait to get out.  However, the weather’s sudden change to bitterly cold has me thinking about joining a gym.


Visiting Neighborhood Gyms

I have visited a couple of gyms located relatively close to where I live.  The visiting experience itself was just what I expected.  As I walked through the facilities, I felt like every eye was on me and every bulge that I was trying to hide was suddenly visible; there were mirrors everywhere. The gyms that I visited offered similar membership plans; however, the most expensive plan for each gave the member more amenities.  I left each gym with a handful of brochures and the best dates to join to get the full benefits of the plans. I may have left a couple of pounds behind too, as each visit was a workout.


Working It Out

Did you know gyms will let you use their equipment when you visit with the intention to buy?  Yes, they will give you pre-membership vouchers or VIP pass so that you can visit their facilities. Your fitness representative who welcomes you to the gym will also help you to use the exercise equipment.  Don’t expect this special attention after purchasing the membership, you will be on your own.  However, most gyms have personal trainers—readily available, offering personal training sessions to gym members.  The personal trainers’ costs vary depending on the fitness package you require to reach your personal goals.


Anytime a contractual agreement is involved, you want to take your time and weigh all options before deciding.  I like the idea of being a member of a fitness facility that offers top-of-the-line exercise equipment, top instructors, and trending circuit exercise classes.  Hiring a personal trainer could benefit my health goals if I decided against purchasing a gym membershipit’s good to have an exercise partner.  Purchasing a gym membership is a decision that requires careful thought. Whatever I decide, the experience of visiting the neighborhood gyms was beneficial to my wellness and health.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have a Gym Membership?

    1. That’s what I am trying to avoid. I am going to have to do something. I took a quick walk through the neighborhood today. It was cold but I wore layers. My hands were freezing and numb.


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