Visiting The Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique

Visit The Pearl

THE Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique is a 5-star wellness spa offering many services and products to help rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit.  When you arrive to the Pearl for your appointment, the spa hostess escorts you to the women’s locker room. From the locker room you will enter into the women’s lounge where a masseuse greets you.  The masseuse guides you to your personal, tranquil spa room. You probably will chat for about 5 minutes with the masseuse to discuss your  lifestyle or personal concerns and what areas on your body to target during this visit.  I recommend a 90-minute full-body massage to improve your health and target your problem areas.  You may also choose the oil(s) that you want to be used during my massage.  Joy and peace are my favorite oils.

The Pearl Spa Boutique

Much Needed Wellness Treatment

After a 90-minute massage, the masseuse will guide you back to the ladies lounge.  It is recommended that while in the lounge, you drink as much water as you can to hydrate. Large jugs of water will be sitting on the table for you to hydrate your body–one jug usually contains sliced cucumbers and the other jug has lemon or orange slices.  Your masseuse will leave you in the lounge and return with your favorite treat(s):  a delicious hot brownie with whipped cream and a glass of champagne.

After enjoying the treats, you will then return to the ladies locker room where you disrobed and take a warm shower.  When you leave the locker room make sure you stop by the boutique to pick up some oils and salts to carry home.  I have visited the Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique on several occasions and their spa and wellness services have been very rewarding.

Ladies Lounge

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are dealing with physical pain or stiffness, emotional stress from your job or stress because you do not have a job, visiting a wellness spa is always a good way to recharge.    It is important that you take the necessary time needed to treat and care for yourself.  Enjoy taking care of wonderful you at the Pearl Spa. There is nothing more relaxing than a full-body massage in a clean and tranquil environment.  Let go of all your cares during your spa session.  If you like champagne and hot brownies, the Pearl Modern Spa and Boutique is just for you.



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