Growing Medicinal Aloe Vera


I purchased an aloe vera plant during the early part of summer. I decided to place it in front of a window for direct sunlight and it grew so fast. The roots were showing at the top of the soil; therefore, I decided to repot it at the onset of fall. I was somewhat nervous about repotting it, but it is thriving.  I like the idea of growing my own aloe vera because buying the individual leaves can be super pricey. A fairly large aloe vera leaf about 8 to 10 inches long will cost $5 or more.  After buying a couple of leaves at $5 each, I knew it was time to grow my own.  I also thought about growing and selling aloe, as it has many health benefits and would certainly help a lot of people.

Aloe vera’s commercial success for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food use worldwide, is estimated to be somewhere around $13 billion annually.

You can always purchase aloe vera gel if you do not have an aloe plant. 


I started using aloe vera on my skin because it was extremely dry. Before using aloe, I had tried using different moisturizing lotions that did not heal or correct my severe dry skin. However, within a few short weeks of using aloe vera, I could see its healing effects. My skin was completely healed.

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera, aka medicinal aloe, Lily of the Desert, Burn Plant, and Elephant’s Gall. It belongs to the family of succulent plants in the genus ‘Aloe’. The origin of aloe vera is believed to be in Sudan and has been used for more than 6,000 years. It grows best in warm, dry climates and is densely found in India, Africa, and other arid zones. This species has a wide usage in herbal medicines.


Health Benefits of Aloe

Aloe has numerous health benefits, as I already shared that it corrected my severely dry skin problem. It is also used to improve the digestive system, easing constipation. It strengthens the immune system, delays the aging process, cures dermatitis, alleviates menstrual problems, reduces arthritis pain, heals wounds, cures nausea, eliminates ulcers, lowers blood sugar levels, prevents diabetes, inhibits cancerous growth, heals the side effects of radiotherapy treatments, promotes hair growth, and soothes acid reflux symptoms.

Aloe is also used to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improves cardiovascular functions, alleviates joint and muscle pain, enhances life span, and cures gum diseases. Aloe is known to alleviate pain since it has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. The health benefits of aloe are remarkable. I suggest that you discuss the use of aloe with your medical doctor before self-treating a medical condition.


8 thoughts on “Growing Medicinal Aloe Vera

    1. Post author

      I have not tried Aloe Vera juice, but I will. I am so pleased with how the aloe gel from the leaf healed my dry skin. I had tried some good moisturizing lotions, creams and hydrocortisone cream. Aloe Vera renewed my skin!


  1. Dottie Post author

    My daughter has been applying a home made concoction of aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil and jamaican castor oil to her hair just recently and she has already noticed a significant increase in length.



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