Why I Love Fall? Let Me Count the Ways

Fall is my favorite season. It seems to have more oomph than winter, spring, or summer. Fall is like a river with its waters dancing down the stream. You can hear it—sounds of tranquility and joy. Fall is so beautiful that I want to enjoy each day. I am going to keep count of how many more days I have to enjoy fall, using this days to fall link. I have to admit that I also love the health benefits of fall. For example, as the temperatures cool down in mid- to late fall, the temptation to go to sleep earlier, and for longer periods, effects many of us. You may feel more relaxed from looking at the changing colors of the fall leaves.

Perfect fall day for enjoying the beauty that it brings.


  1. The colors of the leaves start to change from green to yellow, red, orange, and brown.
  2. You hear the wind from the leaves falling and blowing around on the ground. It’s a soft crackling sound.
  3. The hot and humid air you breathed for the past three months is gone. The temperature starts to drop in the evening, so you look forward to your after-dinner walks.
  4. Sipping a cup of hot tea or chai is more enjoyable when the weather is cooler.
  5. Friends are sporting their favorite NFL tee shirts.
  6. Watching your favorite football team play. Go Redskins!
  7. Oh, and time for the football parties.
  8. You start to relax and reflect more.  A great time to start journaling.
  9. Road trips and three-day weekends, especially good for seeing the beauty of fall.
  10. Dress in layers—chic and stylish fashion ideas.
  11. Fall dishes are delicious. I love the caramel apples, pumpkin spice lattes, ginger bread, and pots of steamy homemade soups.

Do you love fall? Share your favorite reason(s) for loving fall.

Stunning foliage comes with the fall.

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