5 Things Deteriorating Your Health

As you grow older you may notice that you pay more attention to your body because it is changing and requires maintenance. You will notice that your body cannot take as much punishment and neglect as it used to. If you really think about it, you probably picked up a lot of bad habits when you were younger and they are showing their effects on your body. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the longer a habit is around the harder it is to drop it. The changes you are feeling or seeing do not necessarily mean they are from your bad habits. They could possibly just be from what you have not been doing.

Here are a five things that could be preventing you from a healthy life.

  1. Irregular or inadequate sleeping pattern

    woman sleeping
    We need 8 to 9 hours of sleep each day.

    There are many adverse effects not being properly rested can have on your health and life. Being drowsy makes you unproductive, forgetful, clumsy, agitated, amplifies stress, deteriorates your social environment and your ability to properly function within it. Did you know that chronic insomnia or chronic lack of sleep due to poor decision-making harms your immune system and makes you susceptible to all kinds of illnesses? It is important to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily.

  1. Lack of water intake


    I wrote about the importance of drinking water. Did you read my blog post titled, I Am Still Thirsty…? Water makes up to 60 percent of your body weight, and we lose water through urination, breathing, sweating and so on, each day. The optimal water intake daily is 3 liters of fluids for adult males, and 2 liters for adult females.

  1. Extreme or prolonged stress


    For lots of us, work is the most common source of stress but not the only one. Stress can be the cause of many psychological and physical issues to include anxiety, diabetes, asthma, and gastrointestinal problems. I am not qualified to give you medical advice; however, when things start getting out of hand it is time to put your health first.

  1. Smoking

    What is cool today could affect your health tomorrow.

    It has been 20 years since I was delivered from smoking. I needed help, as I could not quit the habit on my own. We all know smoking is an addictive habit and it destroys our health. It is even more destructive if you are a passive smoker. Smoking and second-hand smoke can cause many types of cancer.

  1. Having a bad diet

    Just because it’s good to you does not make it good for you.

    We need to cut back on eating junk or fast food and start eating healthy. Let’s give our body quality nutrition by adopting a diet that will make us feel good, energetic, and healthy.

    These are just a few things we can do to increase our wellbeing. Although they do require  effort on our part, nobody can look out for your health better than you. Do you have a suggestion of what we could do to adopt a healthier life style?









  1. Another suggestion to adopting a healthier life style is to walk. The daily recommended steps one should walk is 10,000. There are various tracking activity devices to choose from that tracks how many steps one takes.

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    1. Absolutely! You can also challenge your friends or family members to see who gets the most number of steps daily or weekly. Have fun taking care of wonderful you.


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